For the City and These Long Decades Spent Wandering

Photograph by Jose Padua
After dinner one evening my six year old son declares
“Trump is a barbarian” from out of nowhere or anywhere
I can immediately recall not that speaking the truth ever
requires a prompt, instance, or specific rules of condition
with truth being, like clear air, blue water, or green earth,
its own reason for being. Later my daughter, or as my
son says, his big sister, asks for help in using the almost
thirty-year old turntable on my twenty-five year old stereo
so she can listen to a song from Neil Young’s forty-three
year old LP, On the Beach, in beautiful, black analog sound,
and I have to think about it, have to figure it out because
I don’t use it that often myself though once I started thinking
it all came back like an after-midnight walk down Broadway
through the widening space of a New York City summer
which despite being many drinks, a few decades, and several
presidents ago is not the sort of thing one forgets. And what
lifts me from weariness and dread are the small things, not
the grand recollections and gestures but the brief but glowing
movements, the laying down of a hand on a table, the darting
of the eyes while reading a book. The history of the world
is the history of your outrage versus mine, your fist against
my tongue, my speech against your fist, because what is
mine will always be mine and forever forged into my blood
like the taste of my true love’s lips. This doesn’t mean
I won’t offer you food when you’re hungry and doesn’t
mean we can’t walk forward and change tenses, but your
sad story will need a new way of being told and recognize
that we are now walking through flooded streets and that
all the buildings that once towered over us have collapsed.

-Jose Padua

Photograph by Jose Padua

46 responses to “For the City and These Long Decades Spent Wandering

  1. Now I want to listen to On the Beach. I am not sure I know it, but I am confident I will know right away, it if I heard it once before. And although I do not have an old turntable to play it on, I wonder if this too is a key theme in your meditation here. Nostalgia and amnesia mixed with rage in a time of unbearable change. Rage that feeds off nostalgia, ever growing stronger. Did the leaders of the crumbling Roman Empire suffer similar grief as lead leached into their corroded plumbing? Thanks for this insightful work.

  2. Mr Trump is almost a textbook demagogue.

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  6. That was absolutely amazing, but you must know the the Trump statement by your son was cleverly placed…

  7. ” And what lifts me from weariness and dread are the small things … ” Just one of the brilliant nuggets in this piece. Terrific. Thanks.

  8. This is so beautiful! I love it.

  9. Nice!

  10. Brilliant imagery. I really enjoyed the journey of reading this.

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  12. ilikechocolatewhatdoyoulike

    I like your ideeas.You are a grevat storyteller

  13. “Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice day!
    Amand ||

  14. A six year old even being aware of who is in office and knows just how bad Trump is means we have a terrible guy in office. I’m just saying…

  15. A sincere poem because the depth of detail is in the cutting of reality.

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