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Memo in the Form of a Sonnet to the White Supremacist Who Referred to My Wife as a Breeding Vessel for the Hispanic Invasion

Photograph by Heather Davis and Jose Padua
Despite my name being Jose I am
not Hispanic but Filipino, which means
that as far as you’re concerned my white wife
is not a breeding vessel for the Hispanic
invasion, but for the Asian invasion. Please
take note of this. Because the Asian invasion,
as well as the Hispanic invasion and all
the other invasions you fear, are gaining strength
like tropical depressions, and as the days go by
your vessel will lose more and more of its
buoyancy, more of its ability to breed.
Which means, as far as my wife and I are
concerned, that there’s still hard work to be done.
And which means we will continue to float.

-Jose Padua

First published, in a slightly different version, at Vox Populi.