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Meditation on a Creator of Sorts Written While Eating Sweet Confections in the Rain

Photograph by Jose Padua
The moment feels half decadent and half desperate,
these sugared minutes spent barely sheltered from
the wetness of the storm, within earshot of the noise
of thunder and as close as one needs to be to be struck
by sudden flashes of electricity and bold light.
It’s times like this when I pause to think of a creator
of sorts, not the vengeful dictator some believe
is the maker of all things nor even the mother figure
with gentle, guiding hands and eyes like pale light
surrounding a lush, dark focus of opal or moonstone,
but a spirit with knowledge of the essence of both
sweet blood and sour bone who looks at us
more as acquaintance than conquest. And these
days as I fall slowly from aloft to weary and
from sand step closer to clay, I consider this instant
of sweetness on my tongue, and how every flavor
is enhanced in knowing how soon it will be gone.

-Jose Padua

Photograph by Jose Padua