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On Finding My Way Home While Driving with the Windows Down and Wondering if the Cops Will Stop Me for Playing Classical Music Too Loud

Photograph by Jose Padua
Driving home from
the store blasting
the third movement
of Bach’s Brandenburg
Concerto No. 3
in G major as performed
by the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra,
I look into the glare
of the setting sun
ahead of me
where South Street meets
that last stretch of Royal
before the road starts to
bend with the low hills
at the foot of the
I can feel the cool
air coming in
through the open window,
and I catch that
damp scent that only
enters the atmosphere
at the point where
summer is ending
and fall begins
its fast descent,
and as I wander through
the haze of half warm
tones and high strung
notes, I turn right
without thinking and
marvel at my
sense of direction.

-Jose Padua

Photograph by Jose Padua