Love Not Money

Photograph by Jose Padua
The first time my three-year old son
said the words I Love You
was when my ten-year old daughter, his big sister,
was away on a school trip,
and when she called
we talked to her first then gave him
the phone and he said
“I love you”
to her more clearly
than just about anything else
he regularly says except
maybe the words “cold milk”
and his mom and I were happy
because until they say those words
men are savages
and sometimes even after that,
but like at the end
of a long journey lost
on country roads the dust
was beginning to settle
and in the clearing between
the trees and with the first
flashes of light we welcomed this
and all the other beautiful signs
that seemed to tell us
that maybe it wasn’t just our son
but all of us
who were getting closer and closer
to civilization.

-Jose Padua

Photograph by Jose Padua


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