Sitting in Limbo

Photograph by Jose Padua
Some days feel like
an old Jimmy Cliff
song, which shows my
age as opposed to my
convictions, everything
stretched to limits I forget
ever existed. Life is too
hard for art right now,
too sour for a novel
about grapes, too short
for a nonet of symphonies
or a particle of physics
representing order, much
less symmetry. But it’s
all like a carnival ride
where I slipped through
the gate without paying—
moving up and down the
rails, feeling that rush, that
swoon, for free. And even
when life is too hard the
art is there anyway, never
boring me, never dulling
me to sleep, never ceasing
to amaze me through these
itinerant hours spent as
if standing in line, then sitting
in my seat, waiting for
incredible dreams to begin.

-Jose Padua

Photograph by Jose Padua


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