The Real Deal

Photograph by Jose Padua
Sometimes when I wake up to a foggy morning
in our small town I remember that episode
of The Outer Limits where a man who
drinks liquor in the morning drives out
of his neighborhood and off into the dense fog
to find himself surrounded by unearthly creatures
whose mission is to use humans like him
not as cheap labor but free labor and who
in order to do this have taken six square blocks
of beautiful suburban America and transported it
to their dark, dreary planet. This is just one
of the reasons why on these foggy mornings
after I’ve dropped the kids off at school
I don’t hit the ramp onto the Interstate,
step on the gas until I’m going sixty, sixty-five,
seventy, seventy-five, roll down the windows
and blast the Isley Brothers playing “Go All the Way”
as I head down I-66 bobbing my head up and down singing
“Taking care of business, I’m talking about the real deal.”
The other reasons are that even though I work from home
I still have to work, and I’m always too sleepy to go
very far in the morning and would worry neurotically
about being back in time to pick up the kids then make dinner
before my wife gets home from the office.

-Jose Padua

Photograph by Jose Padua


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